Hello, my name is Sean, and I love maps.

Growing up, road trips were always the big summer adventure for my family. We’d pile in the RV, DeLorme atlas in hand, and chart our course west. I think this is when I first fell in love with maps. As we drove the maps would become more than just ink and paper; they’d become a memory. A memory of the adventures we had: the roadside tourist traps, the backseat brotherly fights, and the awe inspiring mountain hikes.

My college career was spent studying the modern and pre-historic coastlines of the Great Lakes. Since college, I’ve been building a career restoring our world’s rivers and have worked on projects located in the wilds of the Northwoods and the center of some of the world’s largest cities. Throughout all my work I seek to invoke a sense of place and meaning with my maps.

I hope my maps will not only make a wonderful addition to your cabin, office, or living room, but will also celebrate your adventures, commemorate your journeys, and inspire your exploration.